Classroom activities for intermediate and senior students

These activities are suitable for older students from Years 7 to 13.

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Agree or disagree

This activity enables students to examine how they view bullying, change their thinking and encourage discussion.

Bystanders count

Bullying situations usually involve bystanders - those who watch bullying happen or hear about it. This activity will help students understand that as a bystander they have the power to play a key role in preventing and stopping bullying.


  whiteboard or flip-chart   post-it notes post it notes   pens  

scenarios work cards scenarios and response cards (included in activity sheet)

Expose the myths

To challenge and dispel myths, and to reinforce information that is factual, reliable and valid.


factsheetsmyths and facts statements (included in the activity sheet)

How do you feel?

To demonstrate how difficult it can be to understand what people feel by judging body language, and how easy it can be to hide true feelings.


felt pensfelt pens     paper sheetspieces of paper    large large jar

Kindness matters

This activity encourages supportive and empathetic skills, and fosters a respectful and inclusive school culture.


felt penspens     paper sheetspaper 

scissorsscissors  tape tape

Map of help

To identify helpful resources in formal and informal student networks, and to strengthen awareness and help-seeking behaviour in problem situations.


flip chart  flip chart paper   felt pensfelt pens

Match the bullying behaviour

There are three types of bullying behaviour. This activity will help students understand when bullying is physical, verbal and/or social, or if it's not actually bullying.


behaviour cards worksheets bullying behaviour cards and worksheet (included in the activity sheet) 

felt pensfelt pens

Sticks and stones

To highlight the power that everyone has to intervene in bullying situations.


whiteboard whiteboard or flip-chart     felt pensmarker pens

What does it feel like?

This activity encourages students to think more deeply about bullying behaviour - Who is participating in it? What role do they play? How do they feel?


scenario bullying scenario (included in the activity sheet) 

felt pensmarker pens   flipchart flip-chart

What's the impact?

This activity allows students to discuss bullying and how they would respond to different scenarios to deepen their understanding of the types of bullying and identify different responses.


scenario bullying scenarios (included in the activity sheet) 

Who are you?

Bystanders responding appropriately can be very effective in limiting the impacts of, and even preventing, bullying behaviour. This activity enables students to examine the different roles in bullying and to identify different ways to respond and behave.


writing materialswriting materials   scenario bullying scenario (included in the activity sheet)