Bullying-Free NZ Week 2018

Bullying-Free NZ Week 2018 starts Monday 14 May and ends on Pink Shirt Day Friday 18 May. See what it’s all about, and find resources to plan activities for the week.

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Let's Talk About It!

Bullying-Free New Zealand Week starts 14 May 2018, and ends with the Mental Health Foundation’s Pink Shirt Day on Friday 18 May.

Our theme this year is ‘Let’s talk about it’ and the week provides a great opportunity for all members of your school community to talk about what bullying means to you.

Schools that encourage respect, value opinions, celebrate difference, and promote positive relationships make it difficult for bullying behaviour to thrive or be tolerated. To achieve this, it needs everyone – school staff, students, trustees, parents, whānau and communities – talking about the issue and working together.

The week also provides an opportunity for schools to highlight their everyday work to counter bullying. Make sure your school gets involved in Bullying-Free NZ Week by running some of the fun and easy activities in this year's free activity pack.

Don't wait for bullying to happen to talk about it! 


Ideas for bullying prevention-themed activities

This year's FREE Bullying-Free NZ school activity pack is the biggest ever with a wealth of bullying prevention-themed ideas and classroom activities to mark Bullying-Free NZ Week.  You can download a copy or email info@bullyingfree.nz to have a copy sent to you.


Bullying-Free NZ Week 2018 FREE Activity Pack

Our biggest activity pack ever, full if ideas and activities for students and staff. Check it out!

DIY poster

Bullying-Free NZ Week 2018 DIY School Poster

Use the template to create your own school poster for Bullying-Free NZ Week 2018

media guide

Be Heard - a media guide for schools, 2018

Help tell your community about your school’s bullying prevention activities.

Get involved in our competitions and share your contributions to preventing bullying!

Be in with a chance to win $500 worth or technology or other resources of your choice for your school!

We want children and young people to write, create, make or compose something to celebrate this year’s Bullying-Free NZ Week.

Find out more about how your school can take part in this year's Bullying-Free NZ 2018 competitions in this year's activity pack or check out our competition page.

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Pink Shirt Day


Bullying-Free NZ Week ends with the Mental Health Foundation's Pink Shirt Day (external link) .

Celebrated annually around the globe, Pink Shirt Day began in Canada in 2007 when two students took a stand against homophobic bullying (external link) , mobilising their whole-school, after a peer was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. Pink Shirt Day aims to create schools, workplaces and communities where all people feel safe, valued and respected.

Anyone can celebrate Pink Shirt Day. Whether you’re a teacher, student, workplace or individual, join the movement by registering (external link) today.

Check out Pink Shirt Day

Visit Pink Shirt Day Aotearoa website (external link)  and facebook (external link) for more information, including the 2018 Pink Shirt Day toolkits (external link) for students, teachers and workplaces.