The Bullying-Free NZ website is designed to act as a central hub for New Zealand schools. It provides resources and support to schools to review, plan, build capacity and implement evidence-informed bullying prevention approaches. Research on effective bullying prevention approaches is a growing field internationally and within New Zealand. As new information becomes available on effective bullying prevention approaches, resources, and legislation this website will be updated.

A shared understanding of bullying helps schools and their communities prevent and respond consistently and appropriately to bullying.

Bullying prevention approaches may look different in each school, since they need to align with the values, goals and priorities of each school and their community.

Dealing with bullying incidents effectively requires a culture where students feel safe reporting bullying, and where there are clear processes for staff to follow

The bullying assessment matrix tool can help you assess the severity, impact and frequency of a bullying incident and decide on an appropriate response.

more resources to support schools prevent and respond to bullying

 Ten workshops to support schools develop or review their policies