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Our School Map

There are certain places in schools where bullying occurs the most. These areas are often where adults are not around, like hallways, toilets and playgrounds. Most other students are present when bullying occurs — they know where and when it happens, and what happens. The activity enables students to safely identify areas where bullying takes place, and to jointly develop with school staff solutions for reducing bullying in these areas.


mapMap of the school     stickers3 packs of different coloured (dots) stickers


Our School Map activity

Acts of Kindness

Research suggests that to prevent bullying situations it's most effective to work at developing children's social skills, for examples listening, showing empathy and being friendly. This activity is designed to help students display positive social skills towards each other and develop a sense of the whole community working together.


felt pensfelt pens     paper sheetspieces of paper    large large jar

We are all connected paper chain

This activity links students, schools and communties to create a powerful visual statement about uniting against bullying. It demonstrates the interaction between individuality and connectivity by creating a chain of interconnected individual links. The message of the chain is: everyone has something unique to offer and when we until in a common goal our actions are powerful.


paper stripspaper strips     felt pensfelt pens    tape tape or staples

Helping hands

This activity is designed to help students think of the practical things they can do to help others, and promote students' understanding that everyone has a role to play in preventing and responding to bullying situations. It helps students to understand the role of the bystander and how even small actions can help others to feel positive and included.


felt pensfelt pens     paper sheetspieces of paper

Preventing bullying together commitment

Designed to encourage students to actively consider what they can do to help prevent bullying in their school. This activity could be used after a classroom discussion about what bullying is and how we can all help prevent it.


message board small message board template or whiteboard     camera camera


Together Commitment activity

School values voting wall

This activity gives students a voice in the things that are important in their learning and challenges the assumptions of what students really value. Schools who have tried this activity are often surprised by the differences between what whānau and school staff vote for, and what students think is most important. The voting wall provides a focal point for discussions to engage students and the whole community, and helps teachers and school leaders consider the balance they give to these elements.


voting wall poster voting wall poster     four jarsfour jars  

Our Waka — Kia Kaha

The activity encourages students to learn about working together and co-operating to achieve a common goal. 'Together we can prevent bullying' needs everyone to be on the same waka, going in the same direction, and valuing the contribution that everyone brings.Our waka


waka templatewaka templates     art suppliesart materials

Peace Flag

This activity helps students make a personal connection to what they can do to help stop bullying happening. Based on the Tibetan tradition of making prayer flags, this exercise gives students with different perspectives a constructive way to talk to each other. Each flag includes personal images and words, expressing individual concerns and wishes. Strung together, the flags have a collective impact.


paper squarescoloured squares of paper or material    felt penspermanent marker pens     

factsheetsBullying prevention factsheets


Peace Flag activity

Bullying-Free NZ Comic Strips

It can be difficult for children and young people to discuss how they feel about bullying and they may find it more helpful to draw or write about issues that affect them. This activity enables students to examine how they feel about and view bullying, and identify ways of preventing and responding to bullying behaviour using a comic strip format.


comic strip template comic strip template stickers3 packs of different coloured (dots)    

 storyboard templatestory board planner     stickers speech bubble template

Whatu Pōkeka

Having a sense of belonging is a key protective factor for young people. Bullying can undermine this. This whole-school or class exercise looks at how students know they belong and how they feel valued. A whatu pōkeka is a baby blanket lined with feathers to provide warmth, comfort and security. Students can explore belonging and in the process make a protective blanket.


paper featherspaper feathers     felt pensfelt pens    cloth large sheet of paper or cloth paper

Take a compliment

Real change happens when the whole school community shares responsibility for making their school a respectful and inclusive environment. This activity encourages supportive and empathetic skills between students and bystanders.


paper paper    felt pensfelt pens     scissors scissors    tape tape

'Getting to know you' peer support

We are more likely to develop positive bystander skills when we feel connected to those around us. This activity encourages older students to look out for younger students and start thinking about how we are all part of one school community supporting each other.