About Bullying-Free NZ Week

For schools and their communities, bullying prevention is an ongoing focus. Use these resources to plan activities to support work all year round.

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The theme for Bullying-Free NZ Week 2017 was NZ students with solutions — working together to end bullying, acknowledging the importance of listening to students' voices and experiences, and the need for everyone — boards of trustees, school staff, students whānau and communities — to work together to prevent bullying behaviour

Ideas for bullying prevention-themed activities

The free Bullying-Free NZ school activity pack with a range of basic facts, bullying prevention-themed ideas, classroom activities and information can be used throughout the year.

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BullyingfreeNZ Week Activity Pack 2017

The Bullying-free NZ Week school activity pack is full of ideas and activities for students and staff. Check it out!

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Bullying-Free NZ media kit 2017

The Bullying-Free NZ media kit can help your school promote upcoming projects or events in local or national media. It also has tips for schools when media contact them about specific bullying incide...

Pink Shirt Day

Bullying-Free NZ Week ended with the Mental Health Foundation's Pink Shirt Day.

pink shirt day
Pink Shirt Day