Oat the Goat

An engaging, pick-a-path digital story book to help 4-7 year old children learn skills that will prevent bullying.

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Free online story helps children learn the power of kindness

Go on an epic journey with Oat the Goat

Oat the Goat is an interactive, online story book, which aims to teach children about empathy, acceptance and tolerance.

Designed to help 4-7 year olds learn about the power of kindness, this engaging bullying prevention resource encourages children to make the right decision through a positive interactive experience with their parents, whānau, family, teacher or peers.

Join Oat the Goat as he discovers the power of kindness

Experience the book in te reo Māori www.otitenanekoti.co.nz(external link)

Experience the book in English www.oatthegoat.co.nz(external link)


The exciting story follows Oat the Goat as he embarks upon the adventure of his life through native, animated New Zealand landscapes. Along the way, he meets some surprising new friends – a curious creature called Amos, a little green glow worm that lights up with love and a group of woolly bullies.

The music, featuring the symphonic sounds of the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra alongside traditional Māori instruments taonga pūoro, and eye-catching animation brings the story to life and is appealing to young children.

Available to read, in both te reo Māori and English, Oat the Goat helps you talk to your children or students about the choices they have when they see someone being bullied – Should they laugh? Ignore them? Or include and be kind to them? You don’t need to use the word ‘bullying’ to begin to teach young children prosocial skills that will prevent bullying behaviour. The focus in Oat the Goat is on learning how to get on with each other.

This free resource is available for you to use as you wish – story time with your kids in te reo Māori, story time in English, after school programmes or kids book clubs.

Launched as part of Bullying Free NZ Week, 14-18 May 2018, every ECE, kōhanga reo, primary school and kura receives an Oat the Goat pack during the week. Enclosed in the pack are Oat the Goat posters, discussion prompts for a classroom learning experience, and a sticker for each child.

Oat the Goat is available for everyone to experience and enjoy, so encourage your community to read Oti te Nanekoti and help spread Oat’s important message that “kindness wins in the end”.

Experience the book in te reo Māori(external link)

Experience the book in English(external link)

We hope you are enjoying your free online copy of Oat the Goat.


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