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Made for students, by students, in partnership with staff.

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Made ‘for students, by students, in partnership with staff’, Aotea College’s Wellbeing Bubble(external link) encourages young people to take agency in decisions about their wellbeing, including bullying.

The Wellbeing Bubble recognises that every situation is different, and that each student has their own particular needs. It connects students to a range of wellbeing services so they can choose how they want to get support. Depending on the incident, students can work on self-care, work with a teacher or wellbeing professional, or make a formal complaint. It allows the target of bullying to have control and facilitates prosocial skills and resilience.

Aotea College Wellbeing Bubble

The Wellbeing Bubble was developed using data from the Wellbeing@School (external link)student survey and co-designed with students working alongside teachers and school leaders. This work involved building a school climate where wellbeing was a priority for the whole school community and critical to student success. Students and staff are now building stronger relationships, with open discussions on wellbeing issues.  This has established an environment in which staff can be aware of issues early, and are able to respond quickly before issues escalate.

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How the Wellbeing Bubble was developed

Credits: The videos on these pages were produced and edited by students at Aotea College, with help from Airplane Studios.

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Contact: If you would like to talk in more detail about Aotea College’s Wellbeing Bubble, please contact Aotea College Principal Kate Gainford or Guidance Counsellor, Nicole Macquet.