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Take a look at the winning entries, special merit awards and those highly commended in the Bullying-Free Awards 2018, Print category

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We asked students to make a write an essay, a speech, or produce a piece of writing or artwork to express what bullying means to them.

Winner: Liam Sime

Senior group (Years 9-13)

An arresting and powerful piece that juxtaposes the words that hurt against sources of support and hope, with a message of strength.

Liam Sime Rapoi School

Winner: Sharnee Tuei-Butler, Makarika School, Ruatoria

Intermediate group (Years 7-8)

An honest and courageous piece of writing with a powerful message that sets an example for others.


Winner: Room 19, Browns Bay School, Auckland

Junior group (Years 1-6)

A fantastic example of teaching and learning with a collection of essays from a whole class that clearly demonstrated their comprehensive understanding of bullying behaviour and how they combat it at Browns Bay School. The judges were impress with the mix of creative and factual writing which connected their school’s bullying prevention processes with the theme ‘Let’s Talk About It!’.


Room 19, Browns Bay School, Auckland

A collection of essays about bullying.

Special Merit: Siobhan Taylor, Year 8, St Bernadette's School, Christchurch

Intermediate group (Years 7-8)

A well-written, frank and insightful speech about the importance of friendship, speaking out, and showing resilience.

St Bernadettes School speech

Special Merit: Louis Reimer, Sefton School, Canterbury

Intermediate group (Years 7-8)

A comprehensive essay which demonstrated a depth of knowledge and carried a positive message.

Louis Reimer

Special Merit: Years 3&4, Redcliffs School, Christchurch

Junior Group (Years 1-6)

An impressive and visually striking collection of 'recipes for kindness' from the whole class which demonstate an excellent understanding of what it takes to be a good friend. A tremendous effort from all the students.


Recipes for Kindness, Redcliffs School, Christchurch

Highly Commended: Veeraj Kumar, Weymouth Primary School, Auckland

Junior group (Years 1-6)

This colourful and lively piece showed great insight. Great effort!

Veerajs art for Bullying2202

Highly Commended: Max Mayall, Tamahere Model Country School, Hamilton

Junior group (Years 1-6)

A well-phrased poem which emphasised courage and kindness to combat bullying with a memorable message.

Entry 14 Maxs entry2212