A whole-school approach: the Bullying-Free NZ School Framework

Bullying prevention approaches may look different in each school, but they all need to achieve the same thing - a positive environment to support students' learning.

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The Bullying-Free NZ School Framework

Bullying prevention approaches may look different in each school, since they need to align with the values, goals and priorities of each particular school and their community. But in the end, they all need to achieve the same thing — students attending schoools that have positive environments to support them to reach their full potential.

Research shows that multi-component, whole-school initiatives involving the whole school community are more likely to reduce bullying behaviour than single-component programmes, such as those involving only classroom curriculum activities.

The Bullying-Free NZ School Framework lists the nine core components require for an effective school-based bullying prevention and response approach.

leadership and management
The whole-school approach vision

What does research tell us?

Research both in New Zealand and overseas identifies the following combination of actions as most likely to prevent and reduce bullying.

  • A universal whole-school approach over a long duration that takes a multi-component approach rather than focusing on one single component.
  • A whole-school detailed policy that addresses bullying behaviour.
  • The promotion of a positive school environment that provides safety, security and support for students and promotes postiice relationships and student wellbeing.
  • Effective methods of behaviour management that are consistently applied and are non-punitive.
  • Encouragement and skill development for all students (especially bystanders) to respond effectively to bullying behaviour and support students who are bullied.
  • An increased awarenes of bullying in the school community through student-owned plans and activities.

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