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    Good complaints handling by school board of trustees

    Download the Ombudsman guide to find out more information about good complaints handling by school Boards of Trustees.

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    Complaints arising out of bullying at Hutt Valley High School

    Download a copy of the December 2007 report written by David McGee on Complaints arising out of bullying at Hutt Valley High School.

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    ERO releases reports on student wellbeing

    "ERO’s latest national reports show that while student wellbeing is considered very important, school leaders and teachers can do more to improve the way they promote and respond to student wellbein...

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    Wellbeing@School – next step planning modules.

    Step 3 is about developing a plan for change. During Step 3, schools interpret their reports (W@S or Inclusive Practices), use the action planning template and Next step planning modules/links below t...

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    Wellbeing for Success: effective practice

    The schools with good wellbeing practices had common themes in their approach to promoting wellbeing for all students and responding to specific wellbeing concerns and issues. The motivation to do bet...

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    Wellbeing@school: Whole-school approach to change

    Visit the Wellbeing@School website to download the 'A whole-school approach to change using the Wellbeing@School tools' document.

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    The Mai World: OCC Child and Youth Voices Bullying Report 2017

    This report from the Office of the Children's Commissioner shares expressions by children and young people on bullying. The OCC seeks the voices of children and young people through Mai World: Child a...

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    Bullying prevention & response policy framework

    Section One: Your School’s Culture, the Rationale for the Policy and Definition of Bullying A safe, positive physical and emotional school environment is important for student achievement and wellb...

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    Sample bullying prevention & response policy

    The rationaleThe rationale or purpose section explains “why” the policy is being written. It will include an agreed statement and confirmation of your school community’s expectations about crea...