Aparima College: Bullying-free NZ Awards winner 2016

Aparima College put in an amazing effort to support Bullying-free NZ Week, led by three enterprising Year 12 and 13 students.

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As part of their Young Enterprise project, three students set 'Sweeten up your Day'  a campaign to raise awareness of bullying prevention techniques. The students sold blue ribbons and encouraged bystanders to use a special 'three-fingered salute' sign to call attention to bullying incidents.

The students set up a campaign facebook page to promote their positive messages, and coordinated bullying prevention activities throughout the rest of the school during Bullying-free NZ Week. 

These amazing students then contacted the media to promote their campaign, held an assembly to promote the week, and coordinated Pink Shirt Day celebrations.

Staff and management got behind the campaign, and used it as a focus on Professional Development and Teacher Inquiry. They also supported an Acts of Random Kindness activity and supported the promotion of positive bullying-prevention messages.

Sweeten up your Day is about to present to a Dragon's Den, and intends to spread their bullying-free message even wider via the Scouts, Guides and Boys Brigade and to other local schools.

Read the stuff article about their great work.(external link)

Aparima College supports Pink Shirt Day
Aparima College supports Pink Shirt Day