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    Pink Shirt Day

    “Effective bullying prevention involves the whole school community staff, students, parents and whanau. It means having well-planned responses in place for when bullying does occur.” - Mike Willi...

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    PB4L School-Wide

    Visit the Ministry of Education for more information on Positive Behaviour for Learning (PB4L) programme.

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    Wellbeing@School toolkit

    Visit the Wellbeing@School website to access the toolkit.

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    NetSafe Kit for Schools 2018

    The NetSafe Kit for Schools 2018 helps schools to create and maintain a safe online environment. The updated Kit is a comprehensive set of tools and resources to help schools and educators create and...

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    Police NZ - School Portal

    Visit the Police website to access the School Portal. The School Portal is a way to connect schools and the Police to work better together.

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    Police NZ - Kia Kaha

    Visit the Police website to access the Kia Kaha resources.

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    KiVa program

    Visit the Kiva Program website for bullying information and resources.

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    Auckland Sexual Health Service

    Auckland Sexual Health Service aims to provide sexual health care that is client focused, culturally appropriate and of an excellent standard. We are a specialist service offering free and confidentia...

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    Travellers Programme

    Visit the Travellers website to find our how to help students who might benefit from building resilience.

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    10 ways to help reduce bullying in schools article

    Visit the Crisis Prevention website to read the '10 ways to help reduce bullying in schools' article posted on 06.11.2015.